Roles & Responsibilities

What is the role of School Council?
Establish the broad direction and vision of the school within the school's community
Develop and monitor the school strategic plan
Develop, review and update school policies
Develop, review and monitor the Student Code of Conduct and the School Dress Code
Raise funds for school related purposes
Approve the annual budget and monitor expenditure
Maintain the school’s grounds and facilities
Enter into contracts (e.g. cleaning, construction work)
Report annually to the school community and to DEECD
Stimulate interest in the school generally
School Council does not…
Manage the school
Employ teaching staff
Represent sectional interests
Renew the principal's contract or hire and fire the school principal
Determine class allocations
Discuss individual issues between teachers and students and/or parents
Purchase land, buildings or motor vehicles
Enter into hire purchase agreements or obtain credit or loan facilities, unless authorized by the Minister

A sensible division of roles

Develop and monitor the school strategic plan
Approve the annual budget
Monitor school expenditure
Approve and monitor investments
Broad curriculum involvement in line with DEECD policy
Develop, review and update policies
Approve employment and termination of some non-teaching staff
Input into principal selection
Promote the school to the wider community
Implement and monitor the school strategic plan
Develop the annual budget
Day to day running of the school
Curriculum leadership and implementation
Implement policies endorsed by school council
All matters of student welfare, discipline, academic progress
Employment and performance management of all staff
Staff training and development
Represent DEECD to the wider community

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