Booklist Year 12

Funding supplied by the Government requires supplementation by parents and locally generated funds to ensure high standard programs and equipment are provided to all students.
Where parents are asked to contribute to particular materials or services, school council has ensured that charges are kept to a minimum, the charge does not exceed the cost of providing those materials or services to the student and sensitivity is shown to the differing circumstances of individual students and families, with alternative payment arrangements available.
In particular, we seek a core contribution from parents for materials and services that augment the student program and voluntary contributions for other materials, services or projects.





Write amount being paid in this column

CATEGORY 1:   CORE MATERIALS AND SERVICE CHARGES                                                                                    






Dell Netbook Netbook bag




USB Stick 8GB






Unit Costs



Outdoor Education & Environmental Studies

                                                                     (No more than $300 per semester)





Note: Costs for Outdoor Education & Environmental Studies may alter slightly based on costs provided be external service providers closer to time of activities



Unit Costs



VET: Engineering (Welding)



VET: Desktop Publishing



VET: Automotive



VET: Building & Construction – 1st Year



VET: Building & Construction – 2nd Year



General Costs


Wodonga School Bus (Term 1 payment)



Bethanga Bus Fare Payers (Term 1 payment)








Add up all items being paid for and write total here


This amount is to be made payable to Tallangatta Secondary College by Wednesday 28th January 2015


These are items which parents and guardians are required to provide or pay the school to provide for their child.  Schools generally acquire these items at a reduced cost than if parents were to source them independently (e. g. stationery, textbooks and school uniforms where required) This includes but is not limited to the provision of consumable curriculum components including class sets of text books and resources within Essential Learning Areas: English, the Arts, Mathematics, Science, ICT Provision and Maintenance, Technology, Health & Physical Education, and Humanities.  This component also includes core cultural, artistic and dramatic performance, sports provision, maths homework sheet booklets and School Magazine.
Consumable items – subject specific.
Extra Curriculum programs and activities (these charges will be forwarded to parents as the program or activities take place)
The College has targeted the continual upgrading of equipment and resource, to further support student learning within our school facility
VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTIONS        Total Cost to Parents    $15.00
            TOTAL   $300.00

This is a fare paying bus paid in advance each term. If no payment is made the seat will be allocated to other travellers. For payment options contact the college.

Stationery List
Physical Education   
1 x Protractor
1 x Ruler
64 Page Exercise Book
Plastic Pockets
A4 Plastic Display Folder and Refills
Looseleaf Paper
64 Page Exercise Book
Ring Binder Folder
Looseleaf Paper
1 set of A4 Dividers (extra wide recommended)
Ring Binder Folder
Design & Technology
Document Wallet (Plastic or Paper)
2H Pencils
English Literature
Coloured Pencils
Post It Notes (various colours)
Plastic Pockets
Glue Stick
2 Litre Plastic Container
Bernina bobbin
Pencil Case
Tape Measure
Pencils – coloured and grey leads
Tailors Chalk
Pens – blue or black and red
Gutermann Thread
Plastic Berry Dressmakers Pins
Black Fine Line Pen
Sewing Machine Needles - 90/14
Studio Arts
Hand Sewing Needles
A4 Visual Diary (spiral bound)
Pencils – HB, 2B, 6B
2 x Black Fineliner
2 Plastic Display Folders (A4) and Refills
2 x Gluestick
Coloured Pencils and Textas
Visual Communication and Design
Post It Notes
Set Squares – 60 x 30 and 45 degrees
Pencils – HB, 2B, 6B
Plastic Pockets
Looseleaf Paper
Assorted Fineliners – coloured and black
A4 Display Book
Black Pants
2 x Gluestick
Comfortable Black Covered In Shoes – not Ballet Style
Exercise Book
Visual Diary and Folio
Exercise Book or Plastic Display Folder
Visual Diary and Folio
For all units, you are required to supply a binder, plastic pockets and looseleaf paper
Please note: Students studying both Studio Arts and Visual Communication & Design do not need to double up on items e.g fineliners, gluesticks etc but must have 2 Visual Diaries and Folios.
* Display Folios and Visual Diaries will be available to purchase from the Arts / Technology faculty during the 2008 school year.

Subject: Graphical Calculators for current 2008,
year 10 and 11 students
From the year 2000 there has been an expectation that all students will have access to a graphical calculator for some of their mathematics· exams. Please note that only approved calculators are allowed by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) for use in VCE exams.
We are recommending that students who will be completing a year 12 mathematics subject in 2009 have a Texas Instruments TI 84+ graphical calculator. A TI 83 or TI 84 would also be suitable. This also applies to students starting Year 11 General Maths.
For students starting Year 11 Maths Methods, a TInspire CAS calculator is necessary.
The negotiated price for purchase through the college is $160 for the TI 84+ and $185 for the TInspire both of which are excellent prices.
Complete the calculator form and return it with payment to ABACUS. Calculators will be delivered directly to the school.
Any year 11 maths students who do not already have a calculator are asked to purchase a TI84+ in preparation for year 12 in 2009.
Year 10 students going on to a maths unit next year (VCAL Numeracy) are also required to have access to a calculator.
Current Year 9 students going on to MA318/MA319 (will gain credit for VCE General Maths Unit 1 & 2) in 2009 will have access to a CAS Graphical calculator in class. These students should not purchase a TI 84+ because they will proceed to Math Methods 1 &2 in 2009. It will be possible to purchase a CAS Graphical calculator (contact Maths Coordinator) at a later date.
If you have any questions please call Michael Rooney (Mathematics Coordinator 2008) at the College.

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