Our music program at Tallangatta Secondary College exists to:

“Promote enhanced learning, build a tremendous team spirit, build cooperation and give students music skills that they will carry with them throughout their lives”

Instrumental music:

Instrumental lessons occur during class time for 30 minutes. Lesson times are rotated each term to avoid students missing the same classes. It is the student’s responsibility to catch up on the class work they miss whilst attending their instrumental lesson. Further to this, it is the students’ responsibility to contact their music teacher as soon as possible if they cannot make a lesson. Your child will also be provided with an instrumental music diary, to help stay organised and to keep a record of progress. As part of learning an instrument, and to make learning the instrument more enjoyable, students will be required to rehearse in one of the school ensembles during one lunchtime per week or form their own.

Piano, Guitar, Bass, Guitar, Drum, Woodwind and Brass lessons are all taught within the school and have a cost associated. Due to funding arrangements with the education department, Brass and Woodwind, Bass, Guitar and Keyboard lesson costs are subsidised for each term. Further to this, students need to hire their instrument through the school or provide their own. The ‘HIRE- PROGRAM’ terms and conditions can be provided if you wish to hire an instrument from the school. Payment for lessons and instrument hire (if applicable) needs to be paid within the first two lessons or arranged with the office/ teacher otherwise lessons will be discontinued.

Classroom music:

Music classes at Tallangatta Secondary give students the opportunity to learn the language of music in a relaxed and supportive environment. In level one and two classes, students have the opportunity to learn an instrument, basic music notation, listening skills as well as the opportunity to learn about music technology. If they choose, students can also take up the option to study VCE music performance in year 11 and 12 music.