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Tallangatta Secondary College considers eLearning to be an important component of the 21st century classroom.
The College operates a 1:1 model where students are expected to have their device with them in every class. The netbook is seen as part of the normal classroom equipment together with their pencil case, workbooks and texts.

Tallangatta Secondary College is an accredited eSmart school. The incidence of bullying is a growing concern in our society with 27% of young people reporting they are bullied at least every two weeks. The Alannah and Madeline Foundation implemented eSmart Schools as a world-leading initiative to help schools reduce the risk of bullying, particularly cyberbullying, by teaching students how to be smart, safe and responsible with digital technology. Tallangatta Secondary College has worked with the Foundation to achieve a sustained level of processes and procedures to promote and educate being smart, safe and responsible online. 

The integration of digital technologies into classrooms is vital to prepare students for their future – for communication, collaboration and connectivity which are the cornerstones of eLearning.

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