The mastery of technology skills – investigating, generating, producing  and evaluating – are important to success at the Secondary level of schooling, and the ability to plan and manage a project is also considered important by future employers.  For this reason, each semester, students should study one Technology unit, either from the Wood, Metal, Food or Textiles domains. We are also looking to include Robotics, Coding and Electronics at both Level 1 and Level 2.

At Tallangatta Secondary College, we utilize the VMG (Vertical Modular Grouping) to offer a broad range of Technology-based subjects designed to cater for a variety of student interests and ability levels, whilst meeting the requirements of the Victorian Curriculum.

Students begin their journey at TSC in the Year 7 transition program, and will undertake a compulsory term-length Technology unit.  Students then move into the Middle School and undertake Level 1, 2 and 3 units before entering VET courses in conjunction with TAFE.

The VMG allows students to apply for advancement to Level 2 or 3 units, or VET units.