All students are allocated to a House group when they start at Tallangatta Secondary College and remain in the same House throughout their six years at the school. The House system provides another level of connection to the school and fellow students.

We are really excited our school has introduced mascots to represent our four houses.
The four mascots continue the narrative of our local environment through local fauna.
We continue to recognise and celebrate the land on which we work, play and learn.

Kiewa house is named after Kiewa River.

Cockatoo meaning

  • Intelligent and curious
  • Social, group cooperation, and community minded.
  • Vocal, alert, joyous and enthusiastic.

Hume house is named after the Hume Weir.

Turtle meaning

  • Calm demeanour, steadfast, deliberate, and dedicated.
  • Faithful and nurturing personality.

Murray house is named after the Murray River.

Redbelly snake meaning

  • Passionate, adaptable, resilient, embraces change.
  • Trusts their instincts and navigates with grace and determination.

Mitta house is named after the Mitta River.

Blue tongue lizard meaning

  • Shy but can be intimidating.
  • Mastering movement, direction, and agile

Through these Houses, students can participate in a range of different activities and House events. During Terms 1 and 2, students participate in the three big House events – House swimming, House athletics and House cross-country. Every event that a student participates in earns points for their House. These points are tallied at the end of every carnival to determine the House winner at every year level.

Other House activities held throughout the year include:

  • Reading competition
  • Writing competition

Students are encouraged to participate in as many House events as possible to foster team spirit and to help their House succeed.

Our REAL homegroup structure is also based on the four houses.