Charlotte Lamb
Since starting Year 7 at Tallangatta Secondary College, I have always wanted to become a future leader. I have always tried to be involved in different activities throughout my high school journey. I applied for the school captain role as I wanted to share my ideas and have an input. With my last year at TSC I want to make sure I’m a positive role model for the younger year levels and encourage students to try new things and step out of their comfort zones.

Charlie Heffernan
I have been at TSC ever since Year 7 back in 2019. I have seen and recognised the impact school captains have on students and the school community. I’ve applied for the role to offer a more inclusive and supportive school environment by initiating programs that promote diversity and mental health awareness. I am eager to continue making a positive impact and inspiring my peers to reach their full potential.

Milton Fulford
I have been a student at TSC since Year 7. I have had some great times trying new things, participating in all of the school events, helping others and creating memories with teachers, students and guests. I applied for this role to show my leadership abilities to all of my peers. I hope my leadership will have the younger years looking up to me and seeing a good role model.

Eliza Lord
I have been a student at TSC since Year 7 and I have been dedicated to participating in any opportunity the school has offered me. I applied for this role in hopes of being a role model for younger students and gaining more skills from the role. This year, my aim is to help enhance our social events to make them not only more enjoyable, but also effective.